XF Sportbrake dashboard with Touch-screen.



Please feel free to contact us using the form or details below. All enquiries will be dealt with promptly and efficiently by a member of our dedicated team.

Stephen Guillem Sales & Marketing Manager

They say - "A detailed knowledge of every part of the purchase and delivery process coupled with outstanding relationships with Land Rover and Jaguar UK"

We say - "Generous, hard working, always focused on the customer and never, ever stays still for long"

Louis Chichon Customs & Admin Manager
A pivotal member of the original Tax Free Team, Louisito has over ten years experience managing the detailed order processes and originally used to look after the Export and Customs aspects as well. Nowadays he focuses purely on the Land Rover and Jaguar order processes ensuring that Capurro Tax Free is able to provide the best service possible for both orders and amendments.
Stoyan Radev Senior Sales Executive
An experienced Tax Free Sales Executive with a thorough product and process knowledge Stoyan (also known as “Titto”) is constantly seeking to perfect the experience of our customers. A “jeans and T-shirt” kind of person he is someone who likes to enjoy life and to focus on the “real” things. He plays a pivotal role in the conceptualisation and implementation of our system technology.

Originally from Bulgaria Stoyan is proud Dad whose son Daniel recently celebrated his 1st birthday. Never one to miss an opportunity, when travelling whilst younger, Stoyan once drove HGV’s (Heavy Goods Vehicles) across the USA.
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